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True Heroes And The Color Red

Posted by Brandon L. Torres on April 28, 2011 at 10:46 AM

In Azeroth heroes come in many shapes and sizes, in fact it's a big part of the game, making the player feel like they are a hero. One of the developement goals story wise with World of Warcraft has been stated to be reminding players that everyone has a hero inside of them. In the real world though there is no Spirit Healer to give you a rez, and true heroes go out every day willing to give up their lives to protect what they have back home.

While many heroes are able to, not all heroes make it home. I work at a extremely patriotic coffee house that is a memorial for one such hero who gave his all for his country, and today another young man is being remembered by this small Texas town as one of their own who gave his all for what he believed in. Fallen, but not forgotten.

There are many ways to keep our heroes in our thoughts, one simple way is wearing a red shirt on Fridays. Red Shirt Friday is basically a weekly Memorial Day, where people can show their support for the troops by wearing a red shirt. "They bleed red so we wear red". In fact, the place I work gives a discount to people showing support for the troops. Of course, this means that since the Horde in WoW wear red all the time they are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more patriotic than the Alliance. ;D

As the small TX town I call home stops to pay respects to it's own hero, take some time to think about your own hometown heroes, both the ones who made it home, and the ones who didn't. And remember to wear red on Friday to show your support.

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